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A Comprehensive Comparison of Cricut Machines

I get questions all the time from first-time Cricut users asking me for a run-down of the differences and similarities between the Cricut machinesthose being the original Cricut Machine and the newer Cricut Expression. Well, finally after answering roughly 100 emails in exactly the same way, I’ve decided I’d write an article explaining just that.

To begin, the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression function is almost the exact same way. However, there many advantages to the Cricut Expression that it’s counterpart—the Cricut Machine—simply does not have. Because the Cricut Expression is the most up to date Cricut machine on the market, it only makes sense that it was designed to push the boundaries that were set by the Cricut Machine. Therefore, the Cricut Expression surpasses the Cricut Machine in functionality, usability and versatility.

That being said, I’ll simply lay out the differences between the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression in bullet-points.

  • The Cricut Expression is bigger than the Cricut Machine, which enables it to cut much larger designs than the Cricut Machine, offering scrapbookings and crafters alike the change to create larger designs than they ever believed was possible

  • The Cricut Expression is heavier than the Cricut Machine, which makes it harder to transports. However, the Cricut Machine is only a few ounces lighter

Now that I’ve laid out the differences, I’ll highlight one of the special features of the Cricut Expression, what I’ve grown to call the “Big Daddy” of all Cricut machines.

  • The Cricut Expression offers a center-finding function that enables it to do just thatfind the center of the material being cut and center the blade over it. The reason this is useful is because it makes it easier to create borders and frames

That being said, onto the similarities we go!

  • Both the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression use the same cartridges, which I find is cool because if you have the Cricut Machine and want to upgrade to the Cricut Expression, there is virtually no obstacles you need to overcome. Everything is seamless when it comes to the Cricut cartridges

  • Both the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression use the same standardized blades. So, again, switching between the two is seamless. You won’t have to throw out those just-in-case blades you bought for the Cricut Machine if you upgrade to the Cricut Expression

Now that everything has been laid out for you, I figured I’d throw in a few comments of my own. Because the Cricut Expression is newer, it naturally goes to show itself as the higher priced of the two Cricut machines. However, I promise you that buying the Cricut Expression will be an investment and a great advantage to your crafting projects. Put simply, it is bigger, more versatile and offers more creativity than ever before and it really is the “Big Daddy” of Cricut machines, standing on the cutting edge of electronic cutter design.

For more information on Cricut machines, feel free to read this guest post by my friend Gabrielle on the Cricut die cut machine.

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